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We Are One Of The Best And Only Institute To Provide Online Fitness Courses Or Personal Training Certifications Online, That Enhance Your Knowledge About The Exercise And Diet That Should Be Followed By An Individual Who Is Looking For Their Transformation. Our Online Nutrition Courses & Fitness Trainer Course Online Can Contribute To Your Passive Income In The Field Of Fitness And Dietetics.

What Makes Us Unique About Our Courses Is We Offer Anabolic Steroids Course Online That Gives You A Brief About What Steroids Can Do, And Why One Should Use It, And Why Not. Why Bound Your Knowledge With Geographical Barriers When You Can Learn While Being In Your Comfort Zone.

Online Fitness Courses In India

One of the best selling course

FGIIT is here with the perfect blend of all the major courses Like personal training, dietician, group instructor, performance-enhancing drugs, and supplementation. Yes, the Nutri Trainer course is here to save your precious time and give you a wide scope of getting an international Job, Help people to Avoid Injuries, and come out of medical illness, and ofcourse the knowledge of proper diet and exercise plan will be provided by us.

Syllabus (Duration : 4 Months) :-

  • Basics Of Dietetics
  • Therapeutic Nutrition
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Weight Management
  • Weight Training
  • Advance Techniques
  • Basic Of Nutrition
  • Anatomical Terminology & Kinesiology
  • Consultation Training
  • Internship
  • Different Exercise Patterns
  • supplement (Natural & Ergogenic Aids)
  • Planning & Executive
  • Sport Specific Training
  • TRX Band Training
  • Tabata Workout
  • Functional Workout
  • Anabolic Androgenic Steroids
  • Practical diet marking
  • Behaviour And Sports Phycology
  • TRX Workout

Perks With Purchase

online training
Live classes on zoom
recorded session
Recorded sessions are included
Book Will Directly Get Delivered To Your Home
job placement
100% Job Placement Guarantee
Membership of INPTA (Indian Nutritionist And Personal Trainer Association)
course certification
4 Different Certification

4 Different demo Certificate

personal training demo certificate
personal training demo certificate
group instructor demo certificate
anabolic androgenic steroids workshop demo certificate
No. Days Batch
1 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00 A.M to 11:30 A.M or 3:00 P.M to 4:30 P.M
2 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 10:00 A.M to 11:30 A.M or 3:00 P.M to 4:30 P.M

Other Fitness Courses in India

Syllabus (Duration : 2 Months)

  • Human Anatomy
  • Human Physiology
  • Movements
  • Human Kinesiology
  • Muscle and exercise
  • Practical exercise sessions
  • Scheduling of exercise
  • Differ energy system
  • Types of Grips in exercises
  • Fundamentals of meal planning
  • Biomechanical implementation
  • Principles of Exercises
  • Client responsibilities
  • Types of Bars
  • Functional Training
  • Posture Analysis and it's exercise prescription
  • Injuries
  • Sport specific training
  • TRX Workout
  • Anabolic Androgenic Steroids
  • Basics Of Dietetics
  • Job placement & Interview training
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Syllabus (Duration : 2 Months)

  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Lipids
  • Water - most forgotten nutrient
  • Energy metabolism
  • Vitamin
  • Minerals
  • Liver disorders
  • Feblife disorders
  • Fundamentals of meal planning
  • Food groups
  • Food exchange list
  • Nutrition in the life cycle
  • Therapeutic adaptations of normal diet
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Introduction to living beings: physiology
  • Anatomy of our human body
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Weight management & obesity
  • Sports nutrition
  • supplement
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Syllabus (Duration : 15 Days)

  • Practical Module
  • Types of substance
  • What is Half-life?
  • Fat Loss Cycle
  • Muscle Building Cycle
  • Safety Drugs
  • Post Cycle Therapy
  • Sports supplement
  • Exercise planning
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Syllabus (Duration : 15 Days)

  • What is Tabata, Functional & TRX band workout?
  • Scheduling
  • Body weight functional workout
  • Gym based functional workout
  • Fat loss and muscle building functional workout
  • Music base tabata workout
  • varieties of TRX band workout
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Syllabus (Duration : 1 Month)

  • recognizing and classifying injuries
  • what is first-aid
  • after injury rehab
  • range of motion
  • special techniques of rehab
  • back to normal activity
  • care for lifetime
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About Us.

We Started These Online Nutrition Courses In India, To Make The Fitness And Nutrition Industry-Main Streamline After The 10th. A Student Who Wants To Follow Their Passion And Earn Money Simultaneously Can Register For Our Online Nutrition Courses & Online Personal Training Courses. We explain the importance of the Certified Fitness Trainer Course, Personal Trainer Course In India, Nutritionist Course Online India.

So, What Are The Best Certifications For Personal Trainers?

We Are Entitled To The Crown Of Top Institute For Online Nutrition Courses And Dietician Courses Online In Surat. We Provide Life Experiences In Our Online Personal Trainer Courses, Which You'll Be Going To Face In Front Of Your Clients And Patients Which Makes Us Unique From Others.

Personal Training Certification Helps You In Attaining Customers At Fitness Centers And Gyms As Well. We Provide All Resources And Content Online So You Can Experience Online Learning With The FG International Institute Of Teaching.

You might be thinking about the Nutritionist Course Fees right? Connect to us and get the best offers for your future self.

Our Institute Accreditation

IAO demo certificate

due to this, our Certificate is valid in 192 country

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Certified Nutrition Course

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Certified Personal Trainer

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Anabolic Androgenic Steroids Workshop

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Tabata & Functional Workshop

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Yes, this certificate and course are valid nationally and also valid in 192 countries in the world. This certificate is issued from California, USA.
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You can work in these areas as below.

  1. Can work in Hospital or clinic
  2. Can work in a gym and sports club
  3. Can work in a sports academy.
  4. Can start your own clinic or training institute.
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All Courses
  1. Nutri Trainer Course :- 4 Months
  2. Certified Nutrition Course :- 2 Months
  3. Certified Personal Training Course :- 2 Months
  4. Anabolic Androgenic Steroids :- 15 Days
  5. Tabata & Functional Trainer Certification :- 15 Days
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The study procedure will be easy.
  1. Registration of your course.
  2. You will get the panel link and its id and password.
  3. Start learning from our study videos with an introduction.
  4. You can contact mentors if you have any difficulties during the course.
  5. Doubts And Queries Will Be Solved Via WhatsApp Every Week Before Sunday.
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You can give the exam on your phone or laptop from home and anywhere.
MCQ Based Exam (100 Marks) & 2 Projects submission (25 marks each)
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Then You know where to find FGIIT now, We are the leading and foremost tutors in the health and fitness industry.

FGIIT *Terms & Conditions :

  • The Program You Choose Is An INTERNATIONAL CERTIFIED NUTRITIONIST COURSE Of 2 Months At Fees Of Rs.20,000/- The Actual Fees For This Course Is 35100/-(Offline).
  • You, Will, Be Provided With Proper Material For The Course (Both High Definition Video Lectures And Pdf Format Notes) Through Which You Can Study For Your Course. Other Than That You Will Get A Subscription Ending Reminder 1 Week Before Ending The Course.
  • Certification Will Be Provided After A 150 Marks Exam Consisting Of 100 Marks Of MCQ, 2 Projects of 25 marks each. You, Will, Be Given 2 Attempts For The Exam Only If You Fail The Exam. In Case If You Have Not Completed The Course Or Are Left With Studying Or Didn't Appear For The Exam For The Same, You Have To Inform The Mentor's Priory And Extend Your Time By 1 Month After Paying 2700/- As Plan-Extension Fee.
    1. Failing In Both Attempts Will Make You Take The Course Again If You Want To Continue.
    2. Doubts and Queries will be solved via WhatsApp every week before Sunday.
    3. Fees Paid is Non-Refundable and Not Transferable.
    4. If the candidate is getting an extension for their due fee payment then they have to take the extension time seriously or it may end up in these stated consequences.
    5. If you appeared a month delay then you need to start the course again followed by paying full fees.
    6. A penalty of 1% will be levied per day on late submission of EMI or Delayed Cheques or the portal will be closed for the candidate.
    7. If the faculty gives you the extension for payment then it should be valued or the results will be the same as above.
    8. Video Panels will be closed 3 days prior of the final examination.
  • You need to submit the project before 5 days of the exam without it you will not be allowed to give the exam.
  • Failing not to submit the project will result in delaying your examination.
  • You have to pay 2700/- as exam reschedule charges and still will be liable to submit your project prior 5 days of the examination.
  • The first installment of your desired course is of the accreditation department i.e 50% amount of your course followed by a flexible EMI system.

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