Vegetable soup

Time 25 Min
Difficulty Easy
Serves 1

About Vegetable soup

A healthy intake that can substitute your meal when you are in a hurry. Go for it helps in winters the most.

We're currently well and actually into the winter season, the temperature has born, the times square measure shorter associate degreed suddenly dish doesn't look like such an appealing lunch choice which soup is best for cold. It's time to motivate some soup! it should surprise you to listen to that not solely square measure soups are an excellent choice nutritionally however bound styles of soup have additionally been proved to assist some recipes for vegetable soup that support weight loss.

In specific, mixed vegetable soup squares measure an excellent choice nutritionally as they mix a high nutrient density with a coffee energy density - this suggests that we tend to get innumerable key nutrients as well as vitamins and minerals for comparatively few calories. At a time wherever foods with a high-energy density and low-nutrient density like breadstuff, snack foods, sugar-based drinks, and high-fat quick foods dominate our intake, a low-calorie choice that fills may be a far better choice for optimum health and vegetarian weight loss soup are in the trend.

Studies have repeatedly shown that once diners consume a low-calorie vegetable-based soup before their main meal, they consume up to twenty fewer calories at a meal. the rationale is easy. the majority of the, therefore, helps to fill the tummy and tend to eat less. Nutritionally this is often additionally useful because the nutrients found in vegetables as well as several soluble vitamins like B-complex vitamin, C, K furthermore as dietary fiber and a variety of minerals, additionally facilitate to manage the channel and make sure that we tend to get the number of key nutrients we'd like daily.

The benefits of minestrone square measure as follows

  • Aids In Weight Loss
  • Promotes Digestion
  • The rich supply of Fluids
  • Powerhouse Of Antioxidants
  • Strengthens Bones
  • Preserves Nutrition Of Veggies
  • Promotes viscus Functioning

Nutrition Info. (per serving)

  • 03 grm

  • 10 grm

  • 01 grm



  • Carrot
    1 small size
  • Cabbage
  • Peas
    1 small cup
  • Indian Herbs
    As per test


  • Blend the vegetables
  • Boil Vegetables 10-15 mins
  • Add some Indian Herbs
  • And Here is Your Vegetable soup ready to be consumed

Benefits of Vegetable soup

  1. Easy to be prepared
  2. Less Time Consuming takes approximately 25 Mins
  3. Healthy for all
  4. Works universally
  5. Healthy supplement for your body
  6. Handy ingredients
  7. breakfast weight loss recipe