Heavy vs Light Weight

When you lift heavier weights, you induce more mechanical tension. When you lift lighter weights but for more reps, you can cause more metabolic stress. This is probably why lighter weights and heavier weights lead to equivalent muscle growth when equated for volume.

high reps vs low reps

Showing that moderate to serious hundreds end up in larger hypertrophy and strength. Whereas low weight high reps for weight loss are recommended the most.

To support this it's going to appear that in terms of hypertrophy, we tend to see a lot of advantages by lifting serious weights. however, to work out whether or not this can be a legitimate perspective or not, let's take a glance at the analysis concerning this subject and see that approach is a lot optimum in terms of muscle growth.

utilize the advantages of lifting serious weights by lifting seriously within the low to moderate rep vary on your compound lifts. specialize in obtaining stronger with these movements. Add in drop sets, reverse pyramid sets, and better rep sets on accent movements with lightweight weights to induce a lot of metabolic stress.

More analysis is required to visualize if targeting the metabolic stress mechanism of muscle growth moreover as mechanical tension is superior than if simply serious weights were employed in the "hypertrophy" rep vary. Until then, I believe that a mix of each strategy is your best bet.

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