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There are age old ways of having tea that not only tastes good but is also good for us. Only one has to reach the spice jars and belive in their beneficial properties. To make this simple Kalfree brings you tea mixed with right herbs and spices. So, enjoy this tea with a taste of herbs & spices.

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Green Tea : Health Benefits and Side Effects

Green Tea Benefits

Different examinations have shown different green tea benefits for people. Green tea use has been displayed to further develop skin wellbeing, help weight decrease, and lower the danger of cardiovascular sickness in examinations. As per an overview by the International Institute of Sustainable Development, tea is the world's second most burned-through drink, behind water.

Green Tea Benefits on Health

Green tea was utilized to control draining and recuperate wounds, help assimilation, advance heart and mind wellbeing, and direct internal heat level in conventional Chinese and Indian medication. Green tea has been displayed in examinations to assist with weight decrease, liver infections, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's illness, and different conditions.

Green Tea Benefits on Cancer avoidance

Some disease rates are diminished in countries where green tea use is high. Then again, human investigations have not observed reliable proof that drinking green tea diminishes the general danger of malignant growth.

Green Tea Benefits in Weight Loss

As indicated by an investigation of different examinations, catechins and caffeine in green tea might further develop energy digestion, which may add to weight decrease. A meta-investigation of different separate tea polyphenol-incited weight decrease processes observed that catechins and caffeine cooperated to cause weight reduction benefits, rather than caffeine acting alone.

Green Tea Side Effects

Beneath referenced are a portion of the green tea disservices that you ought to keep yourself from:- Stomach Health When fermented too emphatically or on a vacant stomach, green tea may incite gastrointestinal misery. Green tea incorporates tannins, which may make your stomach corrosive ascent. Blockage, indigestion, and queasiness are on the whole side effects of a lot of corrosive in the stomach. At the point when smashed in high amounts, green tea can likewise prompt looseness of the bowels.

Cerebral pain

Green tea incorporates caffeine, which can incite migraines in specific individuals. Headache victims should drink green tea routinely. On the off chance that you get regular cerebral pains, in any case, you ought to try not to drink green tea consistently. Green tea ought to be kept away from assuming you are caffeine delicate.

Dozing Issues

Green tea incorporates caffeine, which is an enemy of rest substances. Green tea has next to no caffeine, yet it can in any case cause rest issues in caffeine-touchy people. This is because the synthetic fixings in green tea restrain the development of rest-instigating chemicals like melatonin.


Green tea use in abundance may cause sickness and spew. On account of how proteins tie in the digestion tracts, green tea incorporates tannins, which have been related to queasiness and stoppage. Assuming you're a normal tea consumer, don't devour multiple cups of green tea consistently.

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Shubhangi sonwani

It's been quite a long since my family has been using this product. It's a nice tea worth buying, good to go without second thought.


Tastes good. Price seems high as compared to quality and packaging.