Offline Advance Clinical Nutrition

course duration : 2 Days, Full Day Workshop



  • Dt. Gautam Jani

  • Dt. Foram Desai

  • Dr. Ishaver Patel

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Advance Clinical Nutrition is a course where you learn how to fight diseases like diabetes, thyroid, PCOS, and cancer. these are the diseases is can not be controlled by medicine only, you need to have the support of nutrition, exercises, recovery, and rehab parts also. there are many modern research that suggests that intermittent fasting, low carb diet, keto diet, and many caloric deficit diets and exercise approaches are more helpful than medicine also, so this course will help you to achieve and gain knowledge about those kinds of therapies which are alternative medicine therapy.

  • Human physiology and function of cell
  • Definition of health
  • What is life style diseases?
  • Food macro and micro elements
  • Food digestion system
  • Weight management
  • Blood sugar control
  • Important hormones of the body
  • Worst food elements
  • Essential food element
  • Anti-aging process
  • Bone health
  • Stress control
  • Important blood test which ensure sound health
  • High uric acid and gout
  • Auto immune diseases
  • Perfect plan to achieve best health
  • Exercise plan
  • How to protect heart diseases, control blood pressure, and high cholesterol
  • Role of health and wellness consultant and how to prepare health plan

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