Sprout Salad

Time 25 Min
Difficulty Easy
Serves 1

About Sprout Salad

The best source of protein as well as green vegetables serves for the perfect start of your morning routine. here is kick start of best indian recipes breakfast.

Sprouts have become progressively glorious as sprout moong nutrition powerhouse. With extremely targeted biological process advantages compared to consumption mature vegetables, sprouts will be simply more to your table, by adding them to salads, soups, sandwiches, stir-fries, cooked vegetables, pasta, and smoothies. The foremost common sprouts embrace broccoli, peas, watercress, mung bean, grass, and alfalfa.

Sprouts square measure low in calories and wealthy in fiber, enzymes, protein, and alternative micro-nutrients. Not many folks eat them though they'll simply be bought or mature reception while not requiring advanced agriculture skills.

Health benefits of sprout:

  • One of the best sprouts eating benefits square measure simple and low-cost to grow and, as domestically mature vegetables, supply extra environmental advantages by avoiding pesticides, food additives, and pollution from transportation.
  • they provide a strong supply of vitamins, minerals antioxidants, enzymes that fight free radicals as growth will increase their efficiency by twenty times or additional.
  • As a result of their atomic number 8 dense, they defend the body against the bacterium, virus, and abnormal cell growth.
  • Soaking and growing well will increase the fiber content in sprouts that facilitates weight loss because the fiber binds to fat and toxins to get rid of them from the body.
  • Vitamin, such as A, B, C, and E, and essential carboxylic acid nutrients increase in growth and minerals bind to a macromolecule, creating them additional simply absorbed.
  • Sprouts basify the body and defend it from malady as well as cancer.

thanks to their richness in dietary fiber and low-calorie content, sprouts supply a considerable facilitate in your weight loss goals.

Sprouts Salad recipe is a solid Indian Salad where crunchy sprouts are blended in with other new fixings and brightened up with lemon juice and chaat masala. This is wonderful to fill in as a side with your suppers or simply eat it as a tidbit. This is the way to make it.

Protein in sprout salad is one of the most well-known Indian Salads that is prominently had as a bite or served alongside regular dinners, all you need to do is adding sprouts in salad. It is a basic Indian Salad that is made with a blend of fledglings, onions, tomatoes, cucumber, green chilies, and pomegranate seeds.

Every one of the fixings is blended and afterward seasoned with lemon and a variety of flavors to make it fiery and tart.

Straightforward and essential, this Indian Sprouts Salad can be ready in a jiffy. The main thing that requires some investment is the growing of moong which should be possible ahead of time and kept.

When you have the fledglings prepared, it will require a simple 5 minutes to prepare this plate of mixed greens. You can likewise pack this serving of mixed greens in your Office nibble enclose and appreciate it between the dinners or at whatever point the craving strikes.

Sprouts are stacked with supplements and in this manner, it is great to remember them for your regular dinners. It is additionally incredible for weight reduction, as it is wealthy in protein and will keep you occupied for quite a while.

This Sprouts Salad is,

  • Solid
  • Fast
  • Low Fat
  • High in Protein and Fiber
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-Free
  • Ideal for a solid eating
  • An extraordinary side dish for ordinary suppers
  • Fixings

Moong Sprouts(recipe of moong sprouts) - Packed with Protein, Carbs, and Fiber, this fixing is stacked with solid goodness. Furthermore remembering them for servings of mixed greens is the most effective way to burn through them. Aside from growing moong beans, you can likewise grow different vegetables to include this serving of mixed greens as well.

Vegetables - Along with Moong Sprouts, I have added a few vegetables that add to the nourishment of this serving of mixed greens. I have utilized onion, tomato, green chilies, and cucumber, and the best part about is amount of protein in salad, and it makes this salad stand out from other salads.

On the off chance that you need, you can include more vegetables like Carrot, Avocado, Spinach, Kale, Radish, Corn, and so forth in this Bean Sprout Salad, to make it filling and nutritious.

Pomegranate - This is discretionary, yet it adds a decent sweet flavor and shading in this serving of mixed greens.

You can take out the pomegranate bits ahead of time and store them in the cooler in a water/airproof compartment, as they stay useful for 3 to 4 days. Assuming they are put away, they prove to be useful in such a plate of mixed greens plans.

Different Ingredients - Other than the previously mentioned fixings, we will require lemon juice, salt, chaat masala powder, dark salt, and cooked cumin powder. These fixings add a tart pungent flavor to this serving of mixed greens, which makes it considerably yummier.

You can change how much chaat masala and lemon juice according as you would prefer.

Nutrition Info. (per serving)

  • 03 grm

  • 10 grm

  • 01 grm



  • Moong
    1 cup
  • tomato
  • Onion
  • Chhole
    1 small cup
  • Coriander
    30 grm
  • Pomegranate
    1 small cup
  • peanut
    1 hand full


  • Take all the ingredients in a bowl
  • Mix them well
  • Add spices and herbs on the top
  • Here is your sprout Salad ready to eat

Benefits of Sprout Salad

  1. Easy to be prepared
  2. Less Time Consuming takes approximately 25 Mins
  3. Healthy for all
  4. Works universally
  5. Healthy supplement for your body
  6. Handy ingredients