Mixed Berries Smoothie

Time 5 Min
Difficulty Easy
Serves 1

About Mixed Berries Smoothie

Mixed berries have been one of the most asked and searched smoothies in the crowd of the gym and general too. Here is the best recipe that one can make for your pre-workout regime.

Nutrition Info. (per serving)

  • 15 grm

  • 25 grm

  • 04 grm



  • Strawberry yogurt
    2 tablespoon
  • Blueberry yogurt
    2 tablespoon
  • Raspberry yogurt
    2 tablespoon
  • Chocolate protein
    1/2 scoop
  • Milk
    250 ml


  • As the name suggest add 2 tabsp of Strawberry yogurt in the mixing jar
  • In the same jar add 2 tabsp of Blueberry yogurt
  • add 2 tabsp of Raspberry yogurt in the above mixture
  • Now to enhance your nutritional level add 1/2 scoop of chocolate protein powder
  • Thereafter, add 250 ml milk in the jar and blend it well to get the best berry punch smoothie ever
  • And Here is Your Mixed berries smoothie ready to be consumed

Benefits of Mixed Berries smoothie

  1. Easy to be prepared
  2. Less Time Consuming takes approximately 5 Mins
  3. Handy smoothie
  4. Works universally as Breakfast, Post or Pre-workout as well
  5. Healthy supplement for your body
  6. Handy ingredients
  7. 300 ml Per serving for an Individual
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