Banana Vanilla Protein Smoothie

Time 5 Min
Difficulty Easy
Serves 1

About Banana Vanilla Protein Smoothie

Loaded with the infamous combination of vanilla and banana here is your health and nutritionist smoothie ready to be consumed.

This recipe for banana smoothie requires just five simple ingredients, all of which you may already have in your kitchen. Banana smoothie for weight loss are cool as they blend easily, and when combined with vanilla yogurt, provide a lovely creaminess and thick texture. The honey adds sweetness, and the vanilla extract contributes a subtle depth of flavor that sets this smoothie apart that makes it the ultimate weightloss smoothie recipes.

While you can add all sorts of flavors and other fruits (berries are especially good), this basic recipe will show you just how easy it is to make a rich-flavored smoothie and it is an excellent way to use up ripe bananas before they're too far gone. It's a tasty option for a simple breakfast smoothie and a healthy treat for a hot summer afternoon. Chill the glasses in the freezer beforehand for an especially rewarding drink.

How to store this Smoothie

  • While you can refrigerate a smoothie and drink it the next day, sometimes components will separate. Simply stir to recombine or put it back in the blender to bring it together again.
  • The other option is to make a large batch (you can double or triple this recipe if your blender is big enough) and store the excess in the freezer. When you're ready for another smoothie, set it out for 5 to 10 minutes so it softens up enough to drink.

Nutrition Info. (per serving)

  • 25 grm

  • 30 grm

  • 05 grm



  • Banana
  • Vanilla Whey Protein
    1 scoop
  • peanut butter
    1 tabsp
  • Milk
    250 ml


  • Cut banana into small pieces
  • Add vanilla protein with along banana in the mixing jar
  • Add peanut butter in the same jar
  • And followed by the above add milk in it
  • Mix it well and here is your healthy smoothie ready to be consumed

Benefits of Banana Vanilla Protein Smoothie

  1. Easy to be prepared
  2. Less Time Consuming takes approximately 5 Mins
  3. Healthy for all
  4. Works universally as Breakfast, Post or Pre-workout as well
  5. Healthy supplement for your body
  6. Handy ingredients
  7. 300 ml Per serving for an Individual
  8. breakfast weight loss recipe