What Is INPTA?

INPTA Is The Entity That Unites Trained And Certified Nutritionists & Personal Trainers Together And Combining Their Knowledge And Creating A Better Place To Uplift The Career Scope Of Nutritionist And Personal Trainers In The Field Of Health And Fitness.

Here, These Trained Nutritionists & Personal Trainers Meets Their Potential Customers Who Are Looking For Their Transformation Which Allows The Personal Trainer & Nutritionist To Grow And At The Same Time Allows The Client To Transform Their Body Of Their Will And Wish. The Creation Of This Association Is To Maintain A Positive Environment Where People Get Fit And Bringing This Field To The Front Lines For INDIA.


Dt. Gautam Jani

Mr. Gautam is a civil engineer. By passion he is a dietitian and had started practising it in the year 2016. He is the founder of fitnesswithgomzi firm established in 2018. He has achieved many certificate from ACSM, ISSA and VLCC.

Dt. Foram Desai

Ms. Foram is a sport dietitan and Taekwondo 4 Dan Black Belt holder. She is the founder of Fitnesswithgomzi established in 2018. She is an International coach and National referee.She has achieved certificates from ACSM, ISSA and VLCC.

Nutritionist. Nitin Patel

Mr. Nitin Patel is a photographer expert. He started personal training and gym since 2018. He is also an owner of gym and a franchisee owner of fitnesswithgomzi. He has given diet and exercise plan to many of his clients and all are very happy with their achieved results.


To Bring The Field Of Nutrition In The Spotlight So That People Can Choose It As Their Long Time Career And Allowing It To Make Its Strong Community. We Believe That Nutrition Should Be The Front Line Career Choice Like Other Careers Therefore, This Community Will Help Us To Grow And Spread The Information About This Field So That It Can Get Enough Recognition About.


Training sessions like,
  • Nutrition Education Workshops
  • Digital marketing training
  • Healthy Cooking Contest
  • Yoga Challenge
  • Weight Lifting Contest
  • Nutrition Information Sessions
  • Annually Member Meet Up
  • Quarterly Member Meet Up
  • Myth Busting Workshops


Founding Members
- 10 Founding Members
Active Members
- Active Members Are The Main Workforce ( The Group Of A Nutritionist Who Will Be Assisting The Clients)
Passive Members
- Passive Members Who Want To Engage In Different Activities

Active Members List

Active Members Is The Main Workforce (The Group Of Nutritionist Who Will Be Assisting The Clients)
- Chirag
- Kunal
- Pragnesh
- Sandeep
- Darshika
- Het
- Hetal
- Hetvi
- Imran
- Janki
- Kishor
- Nisha
- Nitin
- Rinky
- Rizwana


- For FGIIT Alumni This Will Be Free Of Cost

FGIIT's alumni

FGIIT's Alumni Represent One Of The Most Talented, Innovative, And Networked Community In The Health And Fitness Industry. From training powerlifters and bodybuilders to win competitions, to helping people recover from injuries and illness through unique ways by combining their profession with food nutrition knowledge.

PT. and nutritionist. Heta Panwala

Heta Panwala studied Diploma in Personal Trainer and now spreading the importance of fitness in the female community that will allow women to live healthily.

  • weight loss expert
  • super fit mom
  • personal trainer at stallon fitness gym
  • strength and conditional expert

nutritionist. Nisha Jariwala

Nisha Jariwala, studied the Diploma in Nutrition, helping her clients to cure their illnesses with her nutritional knowledge.

  • clinical nutritionist expert
  • working mother
  • female personal trainer
  • weight loss expert

PT. Keyur Modi

Keyur Modi studied Diploma in Personal Trainer and is now training power-lifters with his knowledge of personal training to prepare them for the competitions not just to competing but to win.

  • enthusiastic personal trainer
  • Powerlifting couch
  • working at a title fitness gym in adajan
  • transform a number of unfit individual

PT. Sandeep Ramparia

Sandeep Ramparia studied Diploma in Personal Trainer is a gym manager of Stallon Fitness Varachha Surat Branch. He is helping his clients to achieve their fitness goals with his knowledge of personal training and managing Stallon gym simultaneously.

  • manager at stallon fitness gym varachha
  • 10 years of experience
  • problem solver
  • sports nutrition expert

nutritionist. Nitin Patel

Nitin Patel studied for the Diploma in Nutrition. His knowledge of food and its nutrition and the experiences he has gained so far makes him one of the best weight loss/fat loss experts and help his clients achieve their goals.

  • franchise partner adajan branch fitnesswithgomzi
  • expert nutritionist
  • fat loss expert
  • fitness enthusiast

Dr. Nidhi Bansal (nutritionist)

Dr. Nidhi Bansal studied for the Diploma in Nutrition. She is a physiotherapist, and by combining his knowledge of physiotherapy with food nutrition, she drastically increased the recovery rate of her clients, making her one of the best physiotherapists.

  • physiotherapist
  • expert in obesity management
  • dedicated and punctual
  • rehab expert

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