RTP Program Kit (Home exercise machine)

4.5 (3,120)

Kit Include

  • dumbbell

  • gym ladder

  • gym Mat

  • gym bag

  • Book



Dumbbells -

Fitness 5 kg Dumbbells Twin-Pack - Black
The essential dumbbells are the perfect ally for strengthening your body and are available in 6 weights to suit your needs!. You'll love: You'll love the comfortable grip and no-roll design. You'll be wild about: How versatile they are: make all your squats, lunges and bicep curls more intense.

Ladder -

Agility Ladder - 4 metres
Designed to help coaches and trainers organizes training drills, this 4-metre Kipsta Essential agility ladder is perfect for footwork coordination exercises.. Designed to help coaches and trainers organize training drills. Perfect for footwork exercises Neon rungs ensure good visibility Easy to store away.

gym mat -

Essential Beginner Yoga Mat 6.5mm - Dark gray
we created this soft mat to help you ease into learning yoga... Nature is present every time you step on the mat. The comfortable thickness lets you reconnect to your senses.

  • Grip - Excellent grip on the floor and traction designed gentle yoga.
  • User comfort - 6mm thick for extra softness
  • Easy transport - The soft strap is great for carrying this mat to all your classes.
  • Stability - 6mm, thin enough for balancing poses

Gym bag -

Fold-Down Fitness Bag 30L - Black
our passionate fitness team developed this fold-down sports bag for carrying your fitness outfit and gear to and from your workout.. This practical, foldable, ultra-light bag is a must. You can take it anywhere as it takes up next to no space and it is just what you need when playing sport.

Exercise Book -

This book contain very special program for those who wants to build overall fitness also it include exercise which train your

  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Muscular endurance
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Co-ordination

It will show you how to perform exercise in perfect posture too.

One step solution for fitness - in home exercise machine

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Reviews (4)

mitul Kansodariya

It was great experience with these people! Though I didn't follow instructions completely but I got positive outcomes and I recommend others to join these guys for better results! Thanks!

krishna bhatt

I was suffering from major health issues. With the help of diet plan It has reduced rapidly.. Feel so energetic and fresh.due to loss in body fat.... Forum mam's guidance is result driven.. Recommend to every one

Dr. Avani Kasture

It was only for the sake of my health that I decided to lose weight and get back in shape. I did not look back since the day I decided to lose weight!
One cannot enjoy the moments of life to the fullest without achieving fitness.
Thank you all to the wonderful "Fitness with Gomzi" team for their amazing coordination. Very well plan diets, monitoring, great feedback and review system. I would like to express my thanks to dietitian Miss Foram Desai for my transformation. She is very insightful and knowledgeable in her field. All her diet plans were very meticulously design and can be easily prepared by working woman like me. She is always there when you required a support, guidance or a suggestion. I greatly appreciate her professionalism. All the best to her and full Fitness with Gomzi team for their future endeavors.

jay peeplva

I am glad that I came across this Fitness with Gomzi, and I took their diet plan. I followed it for 3 months and I lost more than 17kgs, that is too with amazing diet food. The constant support and immediate queries solutions from the whole team also helped me to achieve this milestone.
Thank you so much whole Team.