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Covid -19 pandemic has broken the healthcare ecosystem of the world. It has challenged the health and fitness industry. Leaving behind the drawbacks of the pandemic, the health industry has come up with numerous solutions and has left no stone unturned in bringing back the world on the healthy track.

Fitness With Gomzi has brought health and wellness programs for the employees of your

organization. Its well-designed Corporate Wellness Programs is to address employee well-being concerns, re-energize, create healthy and productive teams in the world of competition and help the employees to combat competitive pressure.

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Fitness With Gomzi offers products for business in wellness that improve the health of employees and create a healthier society. They focus mainly on the four dimensions of wellness- spiritual wellness, emotional wellness, physical wellness, and social wellness.

The corporate fitness programs at FWG include activities such as exercise, customized diet, stress management, and wellness assessments. These programs are well designed to help the employees stay fit and healthy and drive the employees from illness to wellness.

An employee wellness program is an approach taken by employers to achieve a healthy work environment by incorporating various health activities. They promote their employees' well-being within the daily work schedule. They supervise the health culture of the employees by taking a holistic approach towards them and overcoming their health-related problems.

Who Can Utilize It?


NGOs often lack employee wellness programs. They do not recognize wellness programs as an important component of their organization and make cost an issue. However, some ...

effective leaders understand the need of the hour and motivate their employees to grab the benefits of these wellness programs.NGOs and other non-profit organizations must take wellness programs for the benefit of their members because it is a social service that needs healthy people to fulfill the mission and vision of the organization. The NGO staff must be more fit and healthy than other employees. Corporate wellness programs offered by Gomzi assist in achieving the health outcomes of the employees by providing excellent diet plans and exercises.

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multinational company
Multinational company :

Good Health Is The Primary Goal Of A Nation's Development. The Government Encourages Different Health Plans To Keep Its Employees Healthy. Workplace Wellness Programs ...

Are Designed To Promote Health And Prevent Diseases.Fitness With Gomzi Provides A Flexible Program With Its Nutrition Plans And Exercises To Enhance Health Awareness In The Country.

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While taking care of others, hospital employees sometimes ignore their own health. They work with very ill patients, come in contact with different diseases ...

and work pressure makes them stressed. Hence they require wellness programs at regular intervals.Gomzi offers offline and online wellness classes that regularly nurses hospital employees to keep them in the pink of health.

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Factories face the problem of having workers at their company 24/7/365. It would be a sigh of relief for the workers and the employees if they agree to enroll ...

themselves in the business in wellness programs. Most often the floor staff in manufacturing companies does not understand the benefits of such programs. Such employees must be explained the benefits of healthy living and high thinking which is the aim of wellness programs. Fitness with Gomzi staff keeps a regular check on each and every client and provides the best services through their wellness programs.

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government department
Government department:

Good health is the primary goal of a nation's development. The government encourages different health plans to keep its employees healthy. Workplace wellness programs ...

are designed to promote health and prevent diseases. Fitness with Gomzi provides a flexible program with its nutrition plans and exercises to enhance health awareness in the country.

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Childhood Obesity
Childhood Obesity

Come out and learn more about the health risks of childhood obesity, proper Nutrition, Designing healthy meals for children...

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Benefits of Health and Wellness programs offered at Fitness With Gomzi

Improves employee health behaviors :

Our workplace wellness program offers customized diets and exercises to the employees. This results in improved job performance and lower levels of leaves like sick leaves and Early Resignation of the team members.

Reduces the stress levels :

Reduced stress level is one of the wellness benefits which results in a good relationship between workers, reduced interpersonal conflicts, dealing happily with challenging situations, and a happy atmosphere. The observation of employees' stress levels should be done by the team leader while at work.

Improves attendance :

The reduced number of half-day leaves, sick leaves, etc shows that the wellness program has showered its benefits on the organization.

Reduction in health care costs :

Many times the employees continue their work even if they are sick. They go on taking different types of pills like antipain or antipyretic and combat their sickness. Such anti-pain tablets have severe side effects. The customized diet given by the nutritionist in the wellness programs boosts the immunity level of the employees, resulting in a reduction in health care costs.

Boosts morale:

A healthy body breeds a healthy mind. An employee who feels fit and healthy at his workplace works with confidence and is ready to pick up new things. He receives appreciation and ultimately shoots up his confidence.

Increases productivity :

The employees of the organization get a healthy environment and manage their time effectively. The productivity of the organization increases when the targets are completed on time.

additional benefits

1. To increase the activity levels during a sedentary lifestyle which help to reduce

  • Joint pain like knee pain, lower back pain, and neck pain
  • Diabetes, PCOS, Thyroid like metabolic diseases
  • Obesity and overweight problem
  • Cardiovascular, Renal, GI tract diseases
  • Constipation, acidity gastric problem

2. To increase the sharpness and productivity of the team members which can lead to,

  • Fewer Holidays
  • Overall Positive Environment
  • Less Excuse In Work
  • Good Teamwork Qualities
  • Leaders Can Be Created Even Stronger

3. It can impact the Image of the company as a healthier one so better branding

4. Help in lowering the annual insurance premium due to less medical condition in staff

5. Team will save time as they will have a facility to become fit in the company only

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Dt. Gautam Jani



Dt. Foram Desai


Dr.Abhilasha Sharma

Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Dr.Harsh Gajjar

Pediatrician and Neonatologist

Dr.Jayul Patel

Bachelor of Dental surgeon


Bachelor in Mech Engineering/law graduate/MBA

Dr. Abhilasha Sharma

Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Dr. Harsh Gajjar

Pediatrician and Neonatologist

Dr Jayul Patel

Bachelor of Dental surgeon


Bachelor in Mech Engineering/law graduate/MBA

FAQ's about corporate health and wellness program:

The absence of diseases is not wellness. Managing the disease with medication and a healthy lifestyle is wellness. So a wellness program educates you about nutrition and promotes you towards stress reduction, weight loss, health screening, and disease management.
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An employer must select a competitive and cost-effective option for his employees. He should select the best corporate wellness solution according to the needs of his employees in his organization. The following points can be helpful for him:

● Conduct employee survey

● Draft out the common problems of the employees

● Prepare a chart of the diseases and the health problems of the employees.

● Select the best corporate wellness solution for your employees.

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The employer should clarify his interest and concerns of employees with his corporate goals. He can take the following steps to motivate his employees:

● Help employees understand the corporate employee wellness programs

● Win the trust of the employees by making it a joint effort.

● Make it easily accessible for the employees.

● He should start the program with himself and the management first.

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The wellness benefits are employee satisfaction and retention, reduced absenteeism, and increased confidence are some of the important measures to evaluate the success of a workplace wellness program.
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Our nutritionists and Dieticians at Gomzi offer diet plans after taking into consideration the individual health culture of the employees. They interact individually either online or offline with their clients. The Corporate Health and Wellness Program at Fitness with Gomzi aims to reduce health care costs, boost productivity and increase employee retention. This strengthens relations between employers and employees due to increased personal health and job satisfaction.

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