how to write eye-grabbing resume as a fresher

Dt.Gautam Jani

How to Make a Resume - Step by step guide

Well have you ever think of making a resume well if you did here are top 5 common mistakes people do while making a resume, which you should not do next time you make one resume.

First thing first what is resume: "Well it is a representation of your personal information, Qualification, expertise and skills"

Resume follow simple rules too like,

  • It Should be short.
  • It should have a preview of your personal and educational information.
  • It should pass the clear message of your character or nature.
  • It should have attachments or proof of your written information.
  • It should be graphically represented.

How to Make Resume Attractive

A Good resume can represent you,

  • Organized
  • Confident
  • Qualified
  • Trustworthy

















Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Creating a Resume

Next we are coming to Top 5 mistakes most of the job seekers do is as below

1-Make resume too long -

Making a resume long will through away the interest of the Employer to read the full resume and that is never good it will create less impact of you and once you actually go for interview he don't know you at all.

So Employer ask you a same old boring personal question which frustrate you both.

2-Write wrong information on resume -

It is neither ethical nor useful in terms of making resumes. It can lower your chances of getting hired and also straight away big no for final round of interview.

For ex you have lied about a salary and your interviewer is an friend of your last employer he can double check and you can lose your job too.

Even the last employer also doesn't take you back due to this.

After all this if you get the job then also you will have a constant hanging knife on your neck they anyone would have find out.

3-Forget to attach all necessary information with resume -

You need to attach your Certification, Degree, NOC of last job, Adhar card things like this to the resume otherwise it does not look professional.

You will shock due to this reasons also many of candidates does not get the job.

Carry all this document attach with a pin and get them into a good file so you can submit it once it needed at the company you are going to interview.

It should be a photocopy and not the original once also every paper should have a sign of yours at below which can testify that you your self only submitted those records.

4-Show you're self-boring -

Personally as a employer when I see someone have a passion or hobby other then music, reading and singing it excite me more.

I mean to say your hobby shows your personality, which is very important to have in life, hobby keeps you going and make sure that you don't get discourage in difficult situation.

For example If I go to any interview I write my hobbies are:

  • Bodybuilding
  • Learning new skills each day (Coding, Designing, Digital marketing, AI)
  • Listening to podcast
  • Making videos on YouTube
  • Speaking and taking seminars

Like this your hobby also show your additional skills which is very attractive to interview.

5-Answer the same thing written in resume to interviewer -

This is little bit after you make your resume I would like to explain this with one small example.

Interviewer: Tell me something about your self.

Candidate: Well everything is already written in resume I will tell you what is not written on the resume “I Love Modi and not Rahul Gandhi”

Interviewer laughed a lot.

Well you can sense the hint that nobody likes to repeat which is already known.

So don't talk much talk less & act more.

Steps to Create a Professional Resume

  • Select a right format of resume, which is, accepted universal.
  • Don't miss your contact information part.
  • Write down your personal and professional summary.
  • Mention your achievement and qualification.
  • Write down your skills.
  • Customized your information as per job role.
  • How can you be useful resource to the company.
  • Double check your resume.

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