The Ultimate Guide to Prepare for an Interview

How to Prepare for an Interview

Have you ever felt shaking legs or your heart beating so fast that it come out of your chest or feeling goose bums and cold, well there may be a time when you have given your first interview. It is call nervousness by the way which we all are aware off.

I still remember my first interview back in 2014. I was very young and thought about part time job after my collage and went for an interview at fashion design institute as they frequently needed male model at that time I was a fitness model (Use my photo with abs) and did many free lancing project but working somewhere was a different thing.

I was passed out from local school in regional Guajarati language and couldn't able to speak the English very well. (Remember this it has a big relevance in this story).

So As I entered in the interview room same feeling of nervousness started and I was highly frightened due to that. They called me in I went and ask permission to sit,

Me (In Gujarati): Shu hu besi saku chu? English translation (May I sit?)

Interview: Yes you can Gautam. Tell me something about your self please.

“He didn't wait even for a second after I realize I was there for an interview not for an chit-chat why should he waste time after that”

Me: (Tried to speak in broken English) My name is Dr.Gautam Jani, My school is.. My Father's name is etc...

Interviewer: I don't want to know about that tell me something is not in your resume

Me: Stared the interviewer for 1 minute and roll my eyes down, He understood I don't have anything to say.

Interviewer: So tell me why this industry and not anything else? What are your goals in life, how you see your self in 5 years.

Me: I thought and told me self the boy who stopped at tell me more how can answer this question because that time my goal was to take money and purchase the protein shake for my bodybuilding nothing else.

Right most of young bodybuilder can relevant on that because back in the time I didn't have any pocket money although “ghar pew o concept hi nahi tha”

Again I rolled my eyes down that time I thought it is finished I failed the interview and waiting for the answer that please go and don't waste my time.

Interviewer: After thinking 5 mins and finished 2 phone calls in front of me said “Kal se kaam pea a jana aur salary ki baat front desk pe kar lena”

Conclusion: Interview should not be a bigger deal neither for you nor for the employer so chill a bit and feel relaxed.

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It is 21'st century you need to have a clear mindset of why you want to do the job and it is high time for you to become independent or not if not please don't waste anyone's precious opportunity to working at any business.

Top 5 Ways to Make a Good Impression

Today we will be going to understand key parameter of interviews. Top 5 things you need to take care of when you are into interview.

1-Non-verbal communication:

Do you know whatever you act or not act has a certain meaning there is a way of sitting, standing or even watching to someone during interview.

For example,

  • little been lean posture towards interviewer give a signal to interviews that you are highly interested and motivated.
  • Sit with opening your legs and arms means you are open to suggestions.
  • Smile once after you see that person not before and not after exactly after 2 second show that your smile is meant for that person and not fake.

here I have showed you few signals in images watch and learn.

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Listening is a art which not everyone can master. Listening means listen more and analyze it and then answer.

When you listen well your brain can think multiple possible answer and then from them you can select from them plus when you interrupt someone that also shows dominance in your nature.

Most of the people like a person who listen more and talk less.

It shows that you are 3C (Don't think bad) I mean Calm, Cool, Confident....

Most of the time happens you get a good package from interviewer better then you thought of. Better time, holidays and office also.

I have listed out potential benefits of listening below.

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Interviewer impress by person who said right things and don't hide anything because trust is a quality, which is mode admirable.

Have you ever thought why dogs are loved more then men due to their loyalty and that loyalty comes from speaking truth.

Now a days everyone has connection and everyone has technology if you lied anything you will be caught early then expected.

Mostly people lie about previous salary, references, reason why they left job, education or skills.

4-Resume is your first and last impression:

Making a good resume is not that difficult of you have read our last bog if you haven't watch it now on:

Well let me tell you how you step by step how you can make a resume

  • Name and contact details
  • qualification
  • Skills
  • Qualities
  • experience

also don't forget to attach all necessary documents and proof with the resume.

Resume reach to interviewer before you so it is important it should be graphically represented and neat and clean.

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5-Do your background research:

It is a very well known practice of doing background checks on the company where you are going to work on.

For that you can search on Google, LinkedIn and companies website.

You need to know their policy, vision, goals (STG, LTG) if you know what is STG, LTG comment down the full name.

Because according to that you can answer the question better.

How to prepare for your interview

Weather you like it or not it is your first and last impression

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